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Five year warranty!We now offers a FIVE YEAR warranty.

That is 5 times longer than the warranty offered by most of our competitors. The reason we can offer such an extensive warranty policy is because all of our New products are “A” stock – meaning we only sell new, in the box products directly from the manufacturer.

Many of our competitors are selling “gray market” equipment, meaning the equipment is either used and re-boxed or the original destination of the equipment was to an international origin. This makes the life span of our equipment much longer. For our refurbished equipment, we offer the same warranty!

This unmatched warranty is made possible because all of our refurbished equipment is factory certified. We fully test each product before it leaves our warehouse to ensure the equipment is working to it’s new production capacity. Most phones get new milars (the “brain” of the phone) and have all new tops, bottoms and button sets.

We warrant to our customers that during the applicable warranty period, the Products will conform to and operate in accordance with the applicable “Documentation” in all material respects. The term “Documentation” means Avaya’s information manuals in printed or electronic form containing operating instructions and performance specifications that Avaya or its suppliers generally makes available to users of its products, this does not include marketing materials.

Specified Warranty Period.
The “Specified Warranty Period” is Five (5) years for Hardware, beginning on the Sale Date of equipment. “Hardware” means the standard hardware products that End Users order from us. Hardware does not include any customized deliverables that Avaya creates specifically for the End User.
Warranty is One Year for the following products: All batteries, wireless phones and headsets (wireless or wired).

Warranty Exclusions.
The warranties do not extend to any damages, malfunctions, or non-conformities caused by use of the Products in violation of the license granted by Avaya or us or in a manner inconsistent with the Documentation;
This includes but is not limited to:

  • Use of Non-Avaya furnished equipment and failure to follow installation, operation or maintenance instructions;
  • Failure to permit Avaya timely access, remote or otherwise, to Products;
  • Failure to implement all new Updates to Software;
    Products that have had their original manufacturer’s serial numbers or warranty stickers altered, defaced, broken or deleted;
  • Products that have been serviced or modified by a party other than Avaya.
5 year warranty also excludes all batteries, wireless phones, paging equipment, door phones, headsets (wireless or wired) and any type of headset or cordless phone add-on. These products have a one year warranty.

Please refer to our Return Policy for information on how to return a product.

Under no event will we be obligated to refund any amounts in excess of the purchase price and/or license fee paid.
we reserve the right to return, exchange or compensate to customer, new or refurbished equipment.